Race Information

Tri_To_Help_Main_LogoTri To Help© is a National Indoor Triathlon at several locations which offers an off-season Sprint distance triathlon and the worlds first indoor triathlon TEAM RELAY! Seasoned triathletes and first-timers compete to raise the most sponsors for this worthy cause which funds epilepsy research for the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center. To sign up for a triathlon, you don’t have to raise funds, but it is the backbone to the success of what we raise!

The event is in its ninth year and has been hosted in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Arizona, Virginia, and Washington DC.  We are marketing this event like “Race For The Cure” for epilepsy with hopes to expand each year.

The Tri To Help© indoor triathlon has four or eight participants per heat based on the host club availability of pool lanes, bikes and treadmills. The course consists of the following disciplines:

  • 10-minute swim in lap pool
  • 10-minute Transition (T1- swim to bike)
  • 30-minute bike (stationary or spin bike)
  • 5-minute Transition (T2 – bike to run)
  • 20-minute treadmill run

Event Schedule
The first heat of the Tri To Help© event begins at 8:00 a.m.  A new heat begins every 40 minutes.  The event  is based on time (60 minutes of racing for each participant) unlike an outdoor triathlon based on distance.  Performance is measured by total distance covered in the time allowed. The more distance covered, the higher the score.

Each volunteer will count laps and help with the T1 and T2 participant transitions. They will also help record distances covered during the event.